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Digging deep into the user pyche
Business Planning
Evaluating Business Needs & Planning before execution
User focussed & Research backed design
Creating delight and the shortest path to user needs.
User Interface Design
Simple, Easy to use and Clean Interfaces.
Monetization Models
Pricing Models, Discounting & Segmented Targeting
Go-to Market Strategy
Creating a Strategic Approach to a Perfect Launch
Marketing Automation
Focus on Insights & Results and less on to-dos.
Digging deep into the user pyche
Business Planning
Digging deep into the user pyche
Digging deep into the user pyche
Digging deep into the user pyche
User Interface Design
Digging deep into the user pyche
Monetization Models
Digging deep into the user pyche
Go-to Market Strategy
Digging deep into the user pyche
Marketing Automation
Digging deep into the user pyche

App for Citizens

All in one Healthcare App for customers/patients to Access and Avail
Affordable Healthcare from Anywhere at Anytime.

Better Interaction with Healthcare Professionals
Get all your medicines home delivered from the nearest store
One App for you and your family
Securely Share and Own your Personal Health Data

App for Citizens

An Intuitive search feature that helps users identify Doctors by Specialty
based on body part and Symptoms selected.

Easy to use selection module for all patient segments.
Allows patients to directly report the problem pre-consultation.
Available for Male, Female and Child.
Fully based on research from Medical Experts.

App for Citizens

The Discovery Segment of the App allows users to identify the nearest
available facility, establishment or center based on geo-fencing technology.

For Pharmacies, Lab Centres, Hospitals & Clinics.
Identifies the nearest facilities to the user.
Indicates whether the Facilities are Verified and Open Currently.
Using AI, it shows Preferred Pharmacies based on History & Success Rate.

App for Doctors

This App has a cross-functional Sync between SaaS & Mobile allowing
Doctors to manage their Queues on the move creating a Seamless Experience.

An Intuitive EMR during a Tele-consultation.
Allows doctors to take all details during the consultation.
View Patient history of issues reported through the Patient Profile securely.
Manage Clinical forms and patient filled form to Save time during consultation.

App for Doctors

Doctors can also manage their entire consultation history of all modes
of consultation and manage their entire database of Patients on the App.

Can view the list of Patient Profiles.
Search and Filter through your list seamlessly.
Identify and track source of Patient.
Manage Offline and Online History of Patient Appointments.

App for Doctors

Connect directly to patients and start your online practice
from the comfort of your home.

Telemedicine and Scheduled Appointments from the App.
Securely access historical medical records shared by your patients.
Easily use mobile EMR and prescribe medicines and Lab tests from the app.
Seamlessly manage your queue both online and offline.

App for Retail Pharmacies

App for Local Pharmacy Retailers to set up their Pharmacy and manage
their store orders and requests Online on the App.

Manage your Order Queue from Nearby Customers.
Answer requests for Prescription Orders and Update Customers.
View Prescriptions and Create Orders to be confirmed by Pharmacist.
View Payment Status and take action on Active Orders.

App for Retail Pharmacies

The App assists Pharmacies in managing Online Orders to compete with the biggest
e-Pharmacies that have swallowed a chunk of their daily customers.

Using Home Delivery platforms like Dunzo, the Pharmacist can deliver &
Track the status of all their orders.
Stae-by-Step Status tracking for both Self-ship & Partner Integrated delivery modes.
Feedback on deliveries to improve response time for all orders.
Basic details of the customer with Prescription view of the Order.

App for Retail Pharmacies.

With the main Objective being providing a platform for retail pharmacies to
improve their business, this app brings the Pharmacist into understanding his
Sales data through an intuitive Dashboard Experience.

Storeviews to indicate View-to-Conversion.
Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sales Reports.
Full view of earnings and order-wise transactions.
Emaar had 5 different apps and multiple offline processes.

App for Retail Pharmacists

App for Local Pharmacy Retailers to set up their Pharmacy and manage their store Online

List all your Pharmacy Locations on the App
Manage Orders both Online and Offline in one place.
Unique QR functionality for customers to discover your stores.
Home Deliver Orders using Dunzo Integration or Self Ship.
Track Payments and Earnings seamlessly on the App.

All-in-One SaaS Platform

To manage your Patient journey, Patient History and Experience in one place.
Complete end-to-end journey for Hospitals, Clinics & Corporates Health Partners.

Cloud Based Practice Management
Subscription Plans & User based Pricing

More than just design,
We Scaled the Brand to Deliver a
>200% increase in Customers & Partners.

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The move to bring in Hemanth and his exceptional team was one of the best moves we made when we began this journey into Healthcare. It reaped us multi-fold benefit. They have truly created an exceptional experience for our customers which was fully and truly digital.

Vadan Kumar
CEO & Co-founder |  KR4ALL Digital Health

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